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Fleur Floral Studio

Botanical-Style Floral Pressing + Framing

Botanical-Style Floral Pressing + Framing

Let us press, preserve, and frame your wedding flowers so you can cherish them for years to come!

After you place your order we will personally send you a pamphlet with instructions for getting your bouquet to us locally or via shipping if you are not local to Springfield, MO.

Here are the details!

+Our "Botanical-Style" collection is a wild and modern way to place and display your flowers in a collage form. We fit and piece together all your blooms and deconstructed flowers to fill your frame perfectly!

+We offer color-corrected flowers so you can enjoy the special look of aged flowers while still being reminded of your wedding colors and the beauty of your blooms when they were fresh!

+Simply select your size, frame color, and orientation and we will custom press and frame your special blooms!

+Preserving and pressing your bouquet will take between 3-5 weeks. Most are completed sooner, but can take longer during peak seasons and depend on flowers arriving and pressing without complications.


Some flowers simply do not press well, so while we promise to use as many of your wedding flowers as possible we cannot guarantee that we will be able to use ever single one.

The frame size you choose will fully determine how many flowers we are able to press, use, and fit into your frame.

If your bouquet is damaged in initial shipment to us we will alert you immediately and offer to replace as many blooms as possible for a custom additional fee. Damage during initial shipment of bouquet is the responsibility of the sender and the shipping service.

If your framed florals are damaged in shipment to you you must let us know within 24 hours of receiving and provide a photo to us so we can decide how to best resolve the damage! In most cases the flowers are perfectly fine, but the frame itself may be damaged, in which case we will send you a new frame!

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