Locally Grown Floral Design Inquiry Form

Want all of your florals to be locally grown??

Available April-October!

No minimum spend require!

Fleur is the biggest fan of our locally grown flowers sourced through the Missouri Flower Exchange! We love our local flower farmers and wanted to create a way to use more local flowers and still design stunning floral arrangements for weddings, events, and any gatherings.

So what's the catch?

When working with local farms the quality of the product is TOP NOTCH! The main challenge is a little unpredictability. We're all familiar with Missouri weather and how it can change in an instant. Only on a couple occasions have we had issues sourcing certain flower varieties that we planned to use, then were not able to get. BUT the farmers were quick to help us find substitutions and the designs were just as stunning!
So while we know fairly accurately what flowers will be available at a particular time, there is a chance that we may need to substitute certain flowers.
* We do not 100% guarantee exact flowers.
*We base florals off of your chosen color palette and general event "vibe".

What flowers are available when?

Once we receive your inquiry and confirm our availabilty we will send an extensive packet full of flower availability by month!

Who is this right for?

Our locally grown floral offerings are great for you if you want to support local farmers and sustainability, AND IF YOU ARE FLEXIBLE! This offering works best for our clients who are laid back and have a general vision and color palette in mind, but are flexible with the specifics. If you have a precise vision in. mind, that's okay! Our Full Service Floral Design might be a better option for you.

Can I schedule a consultation?

**This offering does NOT include a consultation or extensive emailing.
In order to keep locally grown florals easily accessible and offer them at a slightly lower price than our Full Service we streamline our process through the form below, a couple clarifying emails, and then send an invoice!

We can't wait to flower for you with the most incredible locally grown flowers and an easy ordering process!